Jesus said some of his most important theological statements, not in a classroom or from a pulpit, but over lunch.

Acts 1:4 says: “WHILE HE WAS EATING WITH THEM…” he told them to wait for the Holy Spirit before they went on mission. This lunch lesson was both strategic and theological. And, like everything Jesus said, it was also practical and memorable.

We don’t know what else they talked about during lunch. Maybe sports, money, traffic, politics. We can only guess. But when they met together later that day, they were still mulling over the Holy Spirit discussion from lunch.

Not able to stop thinking and talking about that lunch conversation, they asked Jesus some questions and that’s when he took them DEEP concerning eschatology, pneumatology, and missiology. (According to my friend, Pastor James Lowe, D.E.E.P. = Describe Everything Extra Plain)

Sometimes the best discipleship moments start, not in the classroom, but at the dinner table or the coffee shop. And real discipleship discussions should leave us with questions, not just answers.

Want to make disciples? It’s ok to skip the lecture, buy some lunch, and see where that goes.