I’m now in the Atlanta airport changing planes after two weeks in South Africa. On the Joburg to Atlanta leg I read the book of Numbers. Here are 2 leadership lessons from chapter 13, but first the story…

God told Moses to “send some men to explore the land of Canaan” because He was
planning to give that land to the Israelites. Moses was instructed to pick “leaders” from each tribe to spy their future land. (Num13:2)
When the hand-picked leaders got to the land, they were supposed to check out the security of the towns, the strength of the Canaanite people, and the fertility of the land. (Num13:18-20)

So far, so good.

Upon return, ten of the twelve leaders brought a negative report that filled the camp with fear and incited rebellion against God’s will. These were ten leaders who refused to lead. Rather than leading the people into God’s will, they convinced them that the task should be scrapped because it was too dangerous.

Two of the twelve, Joshua and Caleb, brought a good report. They inspired faith. They encouraged obedience. They led.

Here’s what Leadership looks and sounds like: “Then Caleb SILENCED THE PEOPLE before Moses and said, ‘WE SHOULD GO up and take possession of the land, for WE CAN CERTAINLY DO IT.'” (Num13:30)

When non-leaders are spreading unbelief and fear, good leaders:
2. SPEAK FAITH & HOPE (“We should go… We can do it.”)

What kind of leader are you? Do you silence unbelief and speak faith? Are you a leader who leads, or a non-leader who embraces the comfortable?