I am often asked by pastors, church planters and missionaries: “What should I look for in potential leaders?” Simple. The starting line for potential leaders is HUNGER & HUMILITY.

HUNGER. Spiritual hunger. I’m not interested in someone who is spiritually fat and overfed, but someone who is hungry for more, hungry to learn.

HUMILITY. I can’t teach someone who already knows it all. I can’t mentor an expert. Potential leaders know they need to know more. The best leaders are learners, not experts. Humility is a non-negotiable leadership foundation.

It does not matter how gifted, connected or credentialed a person is, it he is not hungry and humble, he is not a potential leader.


Bonus leadership thought from twitter: LEADERSHIP. Need more leaders? You already have them. You simply need to equip & empower them – then validate & celebrate them.