I can’t speak for other movements, but as an Every Nation leader, here’s what I mean when I say apostolic team:

“a team of mature and gifted leaders who work together to help grow, guide and govern a movement of churches and ministries.”

Yep, I made that up. And, I might change it, depending on the feedback.

Here’s a word for word break down:

Team – Think football, not tennis. Not a lone “super-apostle” at the top making all the decisions, but a team of leaders making apostolic decisions together. (When I use the “A” word, I do not mean people who write books of the Bible, but “sent ones” who plant, establish and strengthen churches.)

Mature – Spiritual, ministerial and relational maturity. Not novices. (Note: sometimes maturity has little to do with age.)

Gifted – Maturity is important, but it is not enough. Some might be mature, but not spiritually gifted to lead churches.

Leaders – Not only apostles, but also prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers who do apostolic work.

Work – Spiritual leadership is hard work, a noble task.

Together – See “team” comment above.

To Help – Assist, aid, lend a hand, serve, encourage.

Grow – Larger, stronger and more influential.

Guide – Direction, focus, vision, mission.

Govern – In specified and agreed upon areas.

Hope that helps answer the “A Team” FAQ’s. If not, let me know.
And, feel free to ask me anything pertaining to leadership, and I’ll try to give my best answer on this blog.