Think Like a Leader (Weekly Email)

Run From Fame

Jesus wasn’t impressed with fame or celebrity. His goal was to make disciples, not gather crowds. Unfortunately, it’s far too common to see people today chase fame and crowd sizes instead of focusing on discipleship. In today's message, as we...

Biblical Civil Disobedience

BIBLICAL CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE—We’ve heard a lot about civil disobedience lately, but we haven’t heard a lot about biblical civil disobedience. What makes certain types of civil disobedience biblical and other types unbiblical? We’re going to talk...

Faith for Nations and Next Generations

FAITH FOR NATIONS AND NEXT GENERATIONS—Our faith can waver, weaken, or grow stronger in difficult circumstances. Today, we're going to talk about Abraham's example of strong faith in challenging times.

The Leadership Runway

THE LEADERSHIP RUNWAY—You may think this doesn't apply to you, but if you're leading a small group, a department, a children's ministry, or serving as a pastor, at some point, you will transition from your current role. That transition will...

Our Ministry Identity

OUR MINISTRY IDENTITY—How we self-identify and introduce ourselves to others is so important. In this message, I walk through Romans 1:1 and talk about Paul's great example of how leaders should define and establish themselves in relation to...

End Times Hysteria

END TIMES HYSTERIA—Whatever we think about the end times, our mission as Christians remains the same: “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel.” (Mark 16:15) Today, I'm going to discuss three passages that highlight what our focus as...

Habits for a Healthy Heart

HABITS FOR A HEALTHY HEART—Our success as spiritual leaders comes down to two things: our heart and our habits. In today's message, I want to talk about how to cultivate spiritual habits for a healthy heart.

REPUTATION VS. REALITY. In today's message, we're going to talk about the importance of church community.

Five-Minute Leadership with Steve Murrell

God’s Steadfast Love

Episode 88 The more you understand God's love and the more you extend it to the others around you, the more leaders you will have in your organization. Steve Murrell shows us what God's "steadfast love" means for developing leaders.


Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 87 #5MinuteLeadership Generosity is a crucial character trait for rising leaders. Steve Murrell shares three right ways to think about money.

3 Wrong Ways to Think About Money

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 86 #5MinuteLeadership A leader's view of money can lean towards generosity or away from it. Steve Murrell looks at the source of thinking wrong about money.

Apostolic Ministry in Acts

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 85 Practically, what does apostolic ministry look like? It's both spiritual leadership and team leadership. Steve Murrell breaks down different aspects of apostolic ministry shown in the book of Acts.

What is Apostolic Ministry?

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 84 #5MinuteLeadership The five leadership gifts that God has given the church (apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers) help build maturity and unity. Steve Murrell examines three of the key ideas that...

Team Ministry

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 83 #5MinuteLeadership Who do you do ministry with? Steve Murrell discusses doing ministry with a team and reminds us that we are better together.

Speaking Truth in Love

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 82 #5mInuteleadership Who speaks into your life? Steve Murrell discusses the importance of inviting people to speak truth into your life and what it means to be a truth speaker.

Solitude & Silence w/ William Murrell

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 81 #5MinuteLeadership As a leader, eliminating distractions and pushing through boredom leads to the best opportunity for creative action. In this episode of 5 Minute Leadership, guest speaker William Murrell discusses the...

Reflecting on Your Leadership

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 80 with William Murrell #5MinuteLeadership Instead of spontaneous reaction, how can leaders learn purposeful action? This week on Five Minute Leadership, guest William Murrell teaches on another rhythm that leaders should...

The Multiplication Challenge

Chapter 5

Will leaders grow organically? When the number of disciples exploded beyond what their leaders could handle, Steve and his team at Victory in Manila examined their processes to figure out how to fix the gap. Chapter 5 unveils the four leadership...

Chapter 4

Should leaders stop growing? Leaders are often tempted to focus on excelling in skill or exceeding their peers in title, or even to believe that they can outgrow the need to grow. After developing many leaders and learning through tough lessons in his own...

Chapter 3

Can leaders be listeners? The widely accepted image of a leader is one who talks, directs, and runs the program. But in Chapter 3, Steve and William express why leaders must become good at accepting the thoughts we don't come up with—i.e. listening. Who...

Chapter 2

Is leadership plural? Success can bring new problems with it. Many of us are aware that growth brings new weight, responsibilities, and the need for more leaders. Chapter 2 shares insights into becoming the leader you need to be, and training up the...

Chapter 1

Steve and William Murrell sat down with leaders of different ages and spheres of influence to talk about leadership and leadership development. These conversations were guided by the Introduction and first five chapters of their co-written leadership...


Do numbers matter? Steve Murrell learned a lesson about chasing the wrong numbers and sliding towards the wrong definitions of success early on as a church planter. As your church, organization, or company grows, “we’re all going to count something.” But...