Two leaders: Moses and Pharaoh.
Two completely different leadership philosophies.
Two voices giving us two totally different directions.

One is destructive, the other is constructive.
One is demanding, the other is empowering.
One produces bondage, the other produces freedom.

Moses or Pharaoh, which leader would you rather follow?
Moses or Pharaoh, which leader do you sound like?

Pharaoh type leaders constantly say things like:
– "Get back to work" (Ex 5:4)
– "Work harder" (Ex 5:9)
– "Your work will not be reduced" (Ex 5:11)
– "Complete the work required of you" (Ex 5:12)
– "Meet your quota" (Ex 5:14)
– "Get back to work" (Ex 5:18)
– "produce your full quota" (Ex 5:18)

Pharaoh leaders love words like:
– requirements
– quotas
– work

As a recovering work-a-holic, I am all for hard work. But I would rather follow a Moses leader than a Pharaoh leader.

Moses leaders call people to: (Exodus 5:1)
– worship
– freedom
– festival

Questions for leaders:
Do you sound like Moses or Pharaoh?
Do you call people to work for God or to walk with God?
Do you preach about requirements or about relationships?