If you are an American, or if you are a foreigner living in America (or
if you like American TV, movies or music) you need to pray for “all
those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quit lives in all
godliness and holiness.”
(1 Tim 2:2) That means, whether you voted for him or not, you need to pray for president-elect Barak Obama.

Here’s my current top 10 Obama prayer list:

10. America – Peace, prosperity and spiritual renewal for America

9. Spiritual growth – Our new president claims to be a follower of Christ. Pray that he will seek to know and obey Christ at a deeper level.

8. Spiritual advisers – Christ-centered & Bible-based

7. Political advisers – wise & godly

6. Wisdom – Pray that Obama will be like Solomon and ask God for wisdom rather than wealth, power and vengeance.

5. Appointments
– Over 4000 political appointments will be made in the next few months,
most needing no congressional approval. That’s a lot of potential
change, for better or worse.

4. Family
– Pray that Barak Obama will be able to be a good husband to Michelle,
and a good father to daughters Malia & Natasha as they adjust to
life in the fishbowl.

3. Protection – I’m sure there are foreign terrorists and local rednecks who would love to assassinate the new American president.

2. Abortion
– Pray for a change of heart concerning the protection of unborn
children and for the appointment of judges who will protect life. (Hey,
I believe in miracles and answered prayers.)

1. Fear of God – The beginning of wisdom, and good government.

What are your prayers for President-elect Obama?