These are not necessarily the best books I read in ’08, just 10 books I’m glad I read in ’08 – in random order.

1. Faith of Barak Obama by Stephen Mansfield
Perspective. Did not change my vote, but it did help me understand the man and the issues. Stephen was gracious enough to answer all my Obama questions over a coffee at Starbucks a few weeks before the election.

2. The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton
This best-selling autobio is a wild ride through the emptiness of academia, alcohol and immorality – ending in a Trappist monastery.

3. The Shack by William Young
Strange. Had hard time with the Aunt Jemima Father figure and the female ninja Holy Spirit, but glad I read it, since everyone else on the planet did. Here’s my review.

4. Love Marks Effect by Kevin Roberts
Stretch. I need books that expand my way of thinking.  More love here.

5. Shadow Cities by Robert Neuwirth
Reality. Journalist spent two years living in squatter cities on four continents to do research.
Sad projections:
2010 – 1 billion squatters – 1 of every 6 people on earth.
2030 – 2 billion squatters – 1 of 4.
2050 – 3 billion squatters – 1 of 3
Here’s a 14 minute vid of RN talking about squatters.
Here’s RN’s blog about squatters.

6. Inside Steve’s Brain by Leander Kahney
Simplicity. Some scary stuff in that brain. My review here. 

7. The Steel Wave by Jeff Shaara
Heroic. My brain occasionally needs a break.

8. When Leadership and Discipleship Collide by Bill Hybels
Relationships. More like a booklet or a long tract than a book – but makes 1 great point. Worth the 15 minutes.

9. Reveal and Follow Me by Greg Hawkins and Cally Parkison
After years of scientific research at Willow Creek and other American churches these 2 books reveal the real facts about spiritual growth – what causes it and what kills it.

10. Knowing God by J.I. Packer
Classic. I need to read this one every year. So do you.

Bonus link: my “Top 10 Books of 2007” list.

What are your top books of 2008?