Learned a lot two weeks ago during our Church Planter Boot Camp listening to Kevin York talk about the pre-launch stage of church
planting. I wish I heard this 25 years ago. Wouldn’t have made so many dumb decisions.

Can’t remember what it was, but something Kevin said inspired this “Top 10 Tips for Young Pastors & Church Planters” list.

10. Read your Bible. Every day. Not just to make sermons, but to know God.

9. Exercise. You’ll feel better, live longer and look younger.

8. Build a team. Don’t do life and ministry alone. Don’t be a one-man-show. Don’t get sucked into the “man of God syndrome.” You are just a man, not THE man.

7. Think BIG. Dream BIG. But don’t act like a big-shot.

6. Go on a mission trip. Every year. Either overseas or to the poorest part of your city.

5. Honor your father and mother… despite your unique family dysfunctions. (And your spiritual father/mother, despite your unique spiritual family dysfunctions.)

4. Coach your kid’s sports teams. Or at least be their #1 fan.

3. Date your wife. Every week. (If you don’t have a wife, find one and receive favor from the Lord.)

2. Take a day off. Every week. No, Sunday is not a day off for pastors.

1. Make disciples. I’m not talking about staff meetings, teaching leadership seminars, preaching from the pulpit. Make disciples like Jesus did – by doing life with a small group of men (or women, if you are female).