I don’t go to the gym in January. I go 3-5 times per week the rest of the year, depending on my travel schedule. But never in January. It’s just too crowded. But by early Feb, all the new year’s resolution folks have given up on the perfect body, until next year.

I’m not much of a new year’s resolution kind of guy. From my observation, most NYRs last about 2 weeks. My 2008 NYR is to try to remember and do at least a few of last year’s resolutions.

If you are a NYR person, here are some good NYR blogs for you:

New Year’s Resolutions of Bible Heroes by Bishop Jovie Galaraga.

New Year’s Resolutions of Bible Heroes Part 2 also by Bishop JG.

Goals for 2008 by Perry Noble, who does goals not resolutions.

10 Steps to Setting Goals by Mark Batterson, who also does goals.

New Year, New Start by Gary Lamb who is trying to get organized in 2008.

Starting Right & Finishing Strong by the Clueless Church Planter, Dennis Sy. While this blog may not technically be a NYR blog, it is close enough and worth reading.

A New Leaf for a New Day
by my friend, Mike Watkins from Kiev, Ukraine.

Hope Renewed by Myra Watkins, Mike’s wife.

New Year’s Resolution: God’s Will Be Done by Ron Miller.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions list. It’s the same every year, which means no one did any of it last year.

As always, many of us are starting the year with a week of prayer, fasting and consecration. I’m blogging about it on my “accidental missionary” site.