For those who are afraid to go to the crowded malls and are stuck at home watching TV, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for:

Our top 10 favorite Christmas movies.

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life – We usually save this one ’til New Year’s Eve.
  2. Miracle on 34th Street – The 1947 black and white edition.
  3. Christmas in Connecticut – Another black and white classic that never gets old.
  4. White Christmas – Not too many of these where we live, unless we go to the beach.
  5. Home Alone I or II – The “Wet Bandits” are great bad guys.
  6. All I Want for Christmas
  7. Santa Clause II – We love the Easter Bunny scene.
  8. House Guest – This qualifies because Sinbad & Phil Hartman sang Christmas carols during the closing credits.
  9. Jingle All the Way – Sinbad goes postal.
  10. Die Hard I -The whole movie took place during an office Christmas party.