Consecration, prayer and fasting – i can’t think of a better way to
start the year. Hungry and headaches – i cant think of a worse way to
start the year.

To fast or not to fast, that’s the dilemma.

Our church in Manila
starts every year with a 7 day fast. Nothing like being in morning,
noon and night prayer meetings with thousands of Filipinos who are
hungry (for God!). The corporate passion kinda rubs off on you.

Manila fasting week is always one of my least favorite and most
favorite weeks of the year – because I hate fasting, but i love the
benefits of fasting.

A few years ago I wrote about the benefits of fasting in an Evangelicals Today magazine article called, “Freedom from the Stomach God” listing 7 spiritual benefits of fasting.

If you live in Manila, I hope you join Victory’s annual week of
consecration, prayer & fasting – Jan 9-15. Morning, noon and
evening prayer meetings will be held in Victory Centers all over “Mega-Manila”
– If you are in Nashville, I hope you participate in Bethel‘s prayer and fasting next week.

If you work at the Every Nation Nashville office, you are invited
(along with your family) to pray with us Mon-Fri (Jan 5-9) at 8-9, 12-1
and 4-5 at the conf room at the EN office.

And, if you are not
in Manila or Nash, I hope you will start the new year with a season of
consecration, prayer and fasting. I know you will be glad you did.

Warning: more fasting blogs coming soon…

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