Sorry, no funny stories this time.

When Joey asked me to preach at the Victory-Fort 9 & 11 services, i knew i was supposed to talk about what it means to follow Jesus and carry a cross – especially the carry the cross part.

Warning: this will be one of those “afflict the comfortable” messages, rather than the usual “comfort the afflicted.”

But if you need comfort, Paolo is preaching about “Hope” at the Victory-Fort 5&7 and LA is preaching about “God’s Provision” at Victory-QC. And, not sure if it will be comforting or afflicting, but Ferdie, Julius, Rico and others are preaching about “Angels & Demons” all day at Victory-Ortigas.

usually preach the same topic at all of our Metro Manila locations, but
this week is a break btw series, so we are all going different

My main thought:
Every day we have a choice between comfort and the cross. If we are serious about following Jesus, we must choose the cross.

My main verses:
He said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny
themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. For whoever
loses their life for me will save it.” 

is the 1st time the cross is mentioned in the book of Luke.  And it is
one of the few passages that is recorded in each of the 4 gospels –
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is so important that it is recorded
more than once in 2 gospels – Matthew and Luke – making this statement
is one of THE MOST EMPHASIZED sayings of Jesus in the Bible.

Probably pretty important that we take one Sunday and see what it means for us.

I doubt this will be one of the most popular podcasts ever.