Got invited to preach the 9 & 11 services at Victory-FortB and agreed to do it before i realized it was the same time as THE FIGHT. I guess i should forgive my friend who ‘invited’ me to preach – who will probably be watching THE FIGHT while i am preaching – gotta get my heart right before Sunday.

Having done that, here’s the preview…

Part 3 of our “Ignite” series, about what the Holy Spirit ignites in our lives.
If you missed week 1, the pastor who will be watching the fight had a
BMW on stage along with a bicycle. There is little difference between
the BMW motorcycle and the bicycle if the BMW ignition is not working.
After pres
sing the ignition and starting the motor, everyone
in the congregation experienced the power and smelled the fumes. Point:
the Holy Spirit IGNITES passion and power in our lives.

That brings us to this weekend and Acts 1:8, but first the context…

v 6 – Lord, are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?
– the same yesterday, today and forever – they ask a political question
with eschatogical implications. Why are Christians so obsessed with
politics and end times?

v 7 – it is not for you to know the times and dates the Father has set…
Jesus told them not to worry about politics and eschatology. He probably has the same message for us today.

v 8 – you
will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be
my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends
of the earth.
If we are not to focus
on politics and end times, what should church people focus on? What
should we talk about? What should we do? What does Jesus want his
people to be obsessed with? How about the power of the Holy Spirit and
the people we are supposed to witness to?

Hope to see some of
you Sunday morning at Victory-Fort, but i will probably preach to
women, foreigners and empty chairs. All the Filipino men will be in a
theater watching THE FIGHT. Of course the Sat 4 & 6 and the Sun 5
& 7 will be packed with men who usually worship Sun AM. Another
advantage of multiple services. This happens every time Manny has a Sat
night fight in Las Vegas.

Go Manny!