When I was new in ministry I was always asking God for revival. I had no idea what revival looked like, but since everyone around me wanted it, I joined the chorus and cried out for that elusive pot of spiritual gold at the end of the rainbow – REVIVAL.

I don’t really do that much any more. I guess over the years, I just got too busy making disciples, developing leaders, planting churches and doing cross-cultural mission work. Plus, I think much of what we call revival today is just plain weird.

I’m all for prayer, but lots of church people spend so much time in prayer meetings that they have completely lost touch with the needs of non-religious people. And, they tend to speak a strange language that only prophets and intercessors can interpret.

That’s not how Jesus did life. He certainly prayed, but he also engaged irreligious unspiritual people (“tax collectors and sinners”) on their turf and in their language, not in a religious meeting using a hyper-religious language.

Suggestion: along with praying for revival maybe we should also consider doing what he already told us to do: GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES.