Someone named Jonathan recently asked: “Just wondering, why do you call this blog the ‘reluctant leader’?” 

I wrote about my blog title on my first post a few months ago, but I still get this question all the time. So, here is another shot at explaining my reluctant leader blog.

The “reluctant leader” is simply a description of me, and the way I have always approached life and leadership. I am not sure it is the best way to do leadership; it’s just the way I do it.

Paul said it is “noble” to desire a leadership office or position. (1Tim3:1)

As noble as it may be, it has never been me. Maybe it means I am not very noble, but I much prefer the back row to the front row. While some are natural born leaders, following is more natural to me.

The pages of the Bible are filled with leaders who are the opposite of reluctant. They were eager, aggressive, bold and brave. King Saul. Apostle Paul. Joseph. Jacob. Joshua. Elijah. Elisha. Peter.

Not me.

I tend to approach leadership more like:
– Gideon – hiding in fear
– Timothy – insecure & timid
– Jonah – the original running man
– Moses – “O Lord, please send someone else.” (Ex4:13)

But for some strange reason, I seem to always find myself in leadership
positions. Looking back, I am not sure how or why, but somehow I think it was usually God’s will that got me there.

I stumbled on this quote yesterday, about leadership “sneaking up” on us:

“Early in our careers, few of us list ‘being a great leader’ as one of our goals. Leadership roles tend to sneak up on us, and suddenly others are looking at us, hoping to find reasons to follow our lead.”
(Lynette Lewis in “Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos”. Its my wife’s book, ok.)

I am learning not to run when leadership positions sneak up on me.