While reading Exodus on my recent Manila to China flight, I scribbled some notes contrasting the leadership styles of Moses and Pharaoh.

Here’s how Moses led:
1. Moses called God’s people to a “festival” which is like a party. Good leaders know how to mix work and fun. (Ex5:1)
2. Moses called God’s people to “sacrifice.” Good leaders are not afraid to lead people to greater sacrifice. (Ex5:3)

And, here’s how Pharaoh led:
1. Pharaoh leaders constantly demand, “Get back to your work!” (Ex5:4)
2. Pharaoh leaders produce underlings who are “slave drivers.” (Ex5:6)
3. Pharaoh leaders are obsessed with “requirements” and “quotas.” (Ex5:8,17)
4. Pharaoh leaders look for ways to “make the work harder” rather than looking for ways to lift the burdens of their workers. (Ex5:9)
5. Pharaoh leaders will never “reduce the work” load. (Ex5:11)
6. Pharaoh leaders “beat” their people when they don’t produce enough. (Ex5:14)

What type of leader would you rather follow?
What type of leader are you?