1. Focus on people, not programs.

2. Build disciples, not crowds.

3. Work hard (many are just too lazy to be successful).

4. Cry out for God’s grace and guidance.

5. Get help. In my twenty-one years in Manila, I have never led alone. I am just one part of a great team that includes diversity of gifting and leadership styles.

6. Be a visionary. If your vision can be accomplished in your lifetime, without God’s help, and with your current budget, then it is way too small.

7. Reach the lost on purpose. Jesus told a parable about leaving the ninety-nine and going after the one. Try it.

8. Don’t just minister to people—equip and empower people to minister.

9. Do everything with excellence.

10. Have fun and enjoy life. Even hard-core Calvinists say that we should know God and “enjoy Him forever.”