“Make Disciples of All Nations” – that’s what Jesus told his disciples
to do. To us, that means we invite a few people to come to our Life
Group or to attend our Easter service.

Was He really serious about the “disciple all nations” thing?

think so. And occasionally in church history, we stumble upon people
who took this as a command and actually attempted to do more than get
le to church or to heaven. Some people actually discipled nations.

Ever noticed how many national flags have a cross in their design? Denmark,
Greece, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland all have the
cross as a central design in their flag. Their current apostate
condition does not negate their Christian heritage.

The first
American flag was not the Betsy Ross stars and stripes. The original
had the Union Jack cross in the top left corner. The British flag still feature a
cross, as do other commonwealth nations including Australia and New

Obviously, discipling a nation is more than stitching a
cross on a flag. As you study the history of all the above nations, you
will see that the cross symbol actually pointed to the reality of
Christ in the culture at the time. But, like some people, some nations
stray from their calling.    

Tomorrow’s blog will feature some people who discipled nations…