Last week our church, Victory (Fort Boni congregation), hosted a political Q & A forum to allow a church member who is running for the Philippine Senate to answer some questions about her political past, about her spiritual experience and about her vision for the future.

My friend, Cito Beltran – nationally known radio, TV and print journalist – did his “straight talk” thing, asking some tough questions.

Here’s a little background for my non-Filipino readers before I get to the point.

Senator Tessie Aquino-Oreta is the youngest sister of martyred Philippine hero, Ninoy Aquino. The Manila airport and about a million schools and streets are named after Ninoy. Tessie, the mother of 5, served in congress 11 years before being elected to the Senate. She decided not to seek re-election after the infamous 2001 “dancing queen” scandal during the impeachment proceedings of former President Estrada. This humiliating political free-fall caused her to cry out to God in desperation. After a year of attending a small group Bible study led by some Victory people, she turned her life over to Christ and started on a new journey of faith. As her faith grew, she felt that the Lord wanted her to get back in the political arena.

That brings us to the Q & A forum at the Every Nation building in the Fort with Cito B asking the questions. Here’s the question that prompted this blog:

CITO: “You served in the Senate before you gave your life to Jesus. Now that you are a Believer, you are seeking re-election. How does being a Christian make one a better senator?”

SENATOR TESSIE: “Being a Christian makes me fear God. Before, I often thought of me first. Now I just want to please God – to put a smile of His face.”

Whether we are running for a political office, working in an office, or addicted to watching “The Office” – we all need a healthy dose of the fear of the Lord.

As long as we think “me first”, we will constantly make dumb decisions. But as soon as we embrace the fear of the Lord, we will start making wise decisions because the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

Lord, please give us leaders – political, church, family leaders – who walk in the fear of God, who live to put a smile on your face.

(Since I am heading to the beach with my family tomorrow, there will be no new posts here until next week.)


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