Hearing From God with Jim Laffoon

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 78 #5MinuteLeadership If you find yourself out of answers, give God an opportunity to come into that situation. This week on 5 Minute Leadership, guest Jim Laffoon talks about the gift of hearing God’s voice in your...

Constrained by the Spirit

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 77 #5MinuteLeadership Leadership is more than just freedom—it's constraint. Steve Murrell shows us how being “constrained by the Spirit” brings safety, affliction, and solves our leadership shortages.

Setting the Table

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 76 #5MinuteLeadership Steve Murrell goes over the principle of "putting the salt shaker back in the center of the table" and reminds us that, to solve our leadership shortages, we must do the work of putting our values and...

Private Service

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 75 #5MinuteLeadership Do you only take the chance to serve people when others are watching? Steve Murrell discusses how serving others in private is vital to our discipleship walk as leaders and a key habit to sustaining...

Personal Devotion

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 74 If we want a sustainable ministry, we much be attentive to what God is saying for us individually. Steve Murrell talks about the key habit of devotion to God’s Word and its role in being a...

Public Worship

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 73 Participating in public worship with God as the audience will help sustain your ministry. Steve Murrell talks about the impact of rightly seeing the church service as a "theater of worship." #5MinuteLeadership

Habits that Sustain Ministry

Leaders must recognize that what they've been given to lead has been built on the work of others. Steve Murrell talks about how honoring history can strengthen us as leaders. #5MinuteLeadership

Walk Worthy of the Calling

A divine calling must be paired with a developed character. Steve Murrell talks about how to walk worthy of God’s calling on our lives....

Mountain Climbing Faith

How do you respond when your faith is tested? Steve Murrell discusses how mountain-moving faith becomes mountain-climbing faith. #5MinuteLeadership