Biblical Civil Disobedience

BIBLICAL CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE—We’ve heard a lot about civil disobedience lately, but we haven’t heard a lot about biblical civil disobedience. What makes certain types of civil disobedience biblical and other types unbiblical? We’re going to talk...

Faith for Nations and Next Generations

FAITH FOR NATIONS AND NEXT GENERATIONS—Our faith can waver, weaken, or grow stronger in difficult circumstances. Today, we're going to talk about Abraham's example of strong faith in challenging times.

Our Ministry Identity

OUR MINISTRY IDENTITY—How we self-identify and introduce ourselves to others is so important. In this message, I walk through Romans 1:1 and talk about Paul's great example of how leaders should define and establish themselves in relation to...

End Times Hysteria

END TIMES HYSTERIA—Whatever we think about the end times, our mission as Christians remains the same: “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel.” (Mark 16:15) Today, I'm going to discuss three passages that highlight what our focus as...

Habits for a Healthy Heart

HABITS FOR A HEALTHY HEART—Our success as spiritual leaders comes down to two things: our heart and our habits. In today's message, I want to talk about how to cultivate spiritual habits for a healthy heart.

Great is Thy Faithfulness

GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS. Today, I want to look at Lamentations 3:22–24 with you. As we go deep into this text, I hope that we will gain a new vision for the rest of this year and beyond. Above all, I hope that we will begin to see things as...

The Prodigal Son and the Heart of the Father

THE PRODIGAL SON AND THE HEART OF THE FATHER. I want to talk briefly about parenting and teaching our kids how to honor. Ultimately, the way we teach them to honor their mother and father will significantly affect how they honor God.

RACIAL RECONCILIATION AND THE CHURCH. Racial reconciliation is a gospel issue that demands a gospel response. Let's talk about how to know what cultural issues demand a response from Christian leaders and what that response should look like.

Flourishing as a Leader

FLOURISHING AS A LEADER. The Bible's description of flourishing looks a lot different than the world's standard. Today, I want to talk about the three things leaders can do—in any season—to flourish.