When you stand in the middle of the street you get hit by cars going both ways. That’s me.

One day I’m criticized by my Reformed friends for being too Pentecostal.
The next day i’m slammed by my revivalist friends for being too Presbyterian.

God thing pleasing people has never been my ultimate goal. Newsflash: I live (and blog) to please Him, not you.

Full disclosure: This blog was inspired by several comments on my “Lakeland Revival?” post a few weeks ago.

Here’s my problem – i was saved in 1975 in a conservative Reformed Presbyterian youth group. A year later I was baptized in the Holy Spirit in an independent Charismatic revivalist church. So, I have always had one foot in the conservative Reformed camp and the other in the Charismatic revival camp.

Which should I embrace and promote? I’ve chosen to take the advice of 2 simple but wise men: Forrest Gump and Radio.

As the (angel?) feather floated down and Forrest was trying to figure out if the events of his amazing life were because of destiny or  “or if we’re all just floatin’ around accidental-like on a breeze” he concluded that maybe it is BOTH.

And when Radio was offered a strawberry pie or an apple pie, he ordered “BOTH.”

Borrowing a page from Forrest & Radio’s playbook, here’s how i do life and ministry…
Presbyterian or Pentecostal?  BOTH!
Reformation or revival?  BOTH!
Strategic or spiritual? BOTH!
Plan or pray? BOTH!
Wait on the Lord or work in the harvest field?  BOTH!