– Christmas shopping is tough. Especially when you’re shopping for
someone who has everything. What do you give the person who has everything? If you have an idea, let me know, fast.

– My sermon yesterday asked and answered the question: What do you give the God who has everything?   Maybe it just seems like He has everything. Does He really have your heart and every part of your life?

– The only reasonable gift to give the God who has everything – is everything.
Everything we are and everything we hope to be. Every part of you
lives. Every relationship. Every sin. Every thought. Every dream.

– After all, He gave everything for us.

– Video and audio links to the Mary’s Christmas series.

– Our house is the only one in Franklin, Tenn with parols – 3 of ‘em. Gifts from our friends, Jerome & Therese. My neighbors see the flashing lights and think we are running the neighborhood nightclub. Nothing like a Filipino Christmas, especially in Middle Tennessee.

– Missed “sambang gabi” at Victory-Fort. But I am glad I got to sleep late.

– Watched Charlie Brown Christmas last week, twice. Witty. Simple. Understated. Clear message for kids and adults about the emptiness of materialism. Sponsored by Coke in 1965 – amazing what American advertising dollars used to promote. Not any more. Has to be politically correct today.

– Tired of fake Santas and flying sleds, ugly sweaters and goofy ties, meaningless parties and obligatory gifts? Ready for some Christmas
theology? Check out Bruce Fidler’s sermon, “The Implications of the Incarnation” on the Every Nation podcast site.

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