When I am asked how we do discipleship at Victory Manila, I usually point out that our culture (atmosphere, vibe, values, stories…), while invisible and elusive, is much more important than our system or program. Good discipleship material and good methods do not stand a chance in a bad church culture.

Leadership is all about creating healthy culture.

Last week a Malaysian church planter asked me how to create and build healthy church culture. I gave him the following 2 culture-building words:

1. FOCUS. Rather than trying everything that can be done in the name of God, focus your energy, time and money on the few things that really matter.

2. REPETITION. Constantly repeat core values and mission through testimonies, sermons, branding, websites, social media and every other possible means.

At Victory, FOCUS and REPETITION means we constantly repeat the 4 E’s: Engage, Establish, Equip, Empower. At Bethel it’s the 3D vision: Devotion, Diversity, Discipleship. At Eaglepoint in Malaysia it is Believe, Belong, Become. At Every Nation it is Church Planting, Campus Ministry, World Missions and Social Responsibility.

If a church or ministry does not have a healthy culture it is because the leaders have not narrowed the focus and repeated the same story over and over and over.