Chilli Cheese Dog

NASHVILLE — This week, churches all over the Every Nation world are beginning 2017 with a week of prayer, fasting, and consecration. I have been participating in fasts like this since I was a college student.

I’ll never forget my first fast.

For some crazy reason, Rice Broocks and I, and several of our brilliant friends, decided that it would be a good idea to break our fast at midnight at Sonic Drive-In with a footlong chili cheese dog. It seems like most of the fast, we found ourselves in a trance-like state, dreaming about chilli cheese dogs and longing for midnight.

I definitely learned my lesson on how not to fast (and how not to break a fast).

Here are a few more tips on how not to fast that I have learned over the past few decades:

1. A fast is NOT a Christianized diet. When we diet, the ultimate goal is body transformation. When we fast, the ultimate goal is soul transformation. When we diet, we are relying on our personal discipline to change ourselves. When we fast, we are relying on the Spirit of God to change us. When we diet, success is measured quantitatively (in pounds or kilos). When we fast, success is measured qualitatively (in relationship).

2. A fast is NOT a hunger strike. A hunger strike is all about defying an authority figure and getting him to comply with our demands. A fast is all about humbling ourselves before the ultimate authority and submitting to His will. In a hunger strike, the person fasting is the heroic actor who brings about change. In a fast, God is the heroic actor who brings about change.

3. A fast is NOT a spiritual performance. Fasting is not a demonstration of spiritual strength. Rather, it’s a declaration of spiritual weakness. Fasting is not about proving to God (or to ourselves) that we are committed disciples; it’s about denying ourselves, picking up our crosses, and following Him. Fasting is not about demonstrating devotion; it’s about cultivating desire for God and His Kingdom.

As I have said many times before, I have a love/hate relationship with fasting. I hate having an empty stomach for a week, but I love how God changes me as I am emptied of self and filled with His Spirit.

So as we fast this week, remember that fasting is NOT about losing weight, or getting what we want, or proving how spiritual we are. It’s about God working in us and creating an even deeper desire for Himself and His Kingdom.