How Are Your Relationships?

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of speaking with Dave Hess, who leads campus ministry efforts for Freedom Church in Philadelphia and serves as a regional director for Every Nation Campus North America. Dave asked me to join his podcast to speak about...

Rethinking Christmas Gifts

In this video, I retell the infamous story of “The Christmas Eve Disaster.” Though these events happened over thirty years ago, I remember them like it was yesterday. As embarrassing (and frustrating) as it was at the time, I am so thankful that little...

“Daddy, Am I Black?”

NASHVILLE—Back in 2013, I wrote a book called 100 Years From Now about Every Nation's mission, values, and culture. One of the chapters addresses Every Nation's intentional commitment to building a multiethnic and multicultural family of churches. With all...

The Prodigal Son and the Heart of the Father

THE PRODIGAL SON AND THE HEART OF THE FATHER. I want to talk briefly about parenting and teaching our kids how to honor. Ultimately, the way we teach them to honor their mother and father will significantly affect how they honor God.

Personal Devotion

Five-Minute Leadership: Episode 74 If we want a sustainable ministry, we much be attentive to what God is saying for us individually. Steve Murrell talks about the key habit of devotion to God’s Word and its role in being a...

Dug Down Deep: Thoughts on Joshua Harris

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to address this surprising and sad development. After speaking with my son William, who grew up reading Joshua Harris’ books, I asked him to write a guest blog reflecting on Harris’ recent announcement. — STEVE I had just arrived at...

Engaging Your Children’s World

Discipleship is the foundation for leading children in our homes. Steve Murrell gives insight on what leadership in the home looks like. #5MinuteLeadership

Faith and Family

Parenting by faith means creating a Christ-centered home. In this episode of Five Minute Leadership, Steve Murrell explains what it looks like to walk and parent in faith. #5MinuteLeadership

Discipleship in the Home

You don't have to choose between your ministry or your family. Steve Murrell reminds us that obeying God and prioritizing your family are not mutually exclusive. #5MinuteLeadership