Evangelism (preaching the gospel) is not complicated. The simplicity and power of preaching the gospel (GOOD NEWS) is captured in one verse in Exodus:

“when they heard that the Lord was cocncerned about them and had seen their misery, they bowed down and worshipped” (Exodus 4:31)

Did you get that? When someone told them that God actually cared about them, that he was CONCERNED, then they bowed and worshipped. Before they knew he was concerned they complained. Once they realized he was concerned they worshipped.

Worship is a natural response to knowing WHO God is.

The more we know WHO he is, HOW he sees us and WHAT he did for us – the more we will want to bow down and worship.

Try it this week. Tell someone how much God cares about them and what he did on the cross for them.