Listened to a Catalyst podcast this morning – an interview with Gov Mike Huckabee about leadership. Interesting and informative.

Gov Huck said serving as a Baptist pastor in his 20’s & 30’s helped prepare him for politics b/c there are 4 things required to be a successful pastor that are also key for success in politics.

1.    Message. Pastors and politicians must have a clear and compelling message.

2.    Motivate. Churches and political campaigns both depend on large numbers of volunteers, so pastors and politicians must be able to recruit and motivate volunteers.

3.    Media. Having a compelling message that no one hears accomplishes nothing, so pastors and politicians must use every means available to get their message to as many people as possible. Traditional media, plus blogs, podcasts, texts, tweets…

4.    Money. Pastors and politicians must be able to raise money to fund their organizations and their vision.

I am Steve Murrell and I approve of Huck’s message.