Exodus 33 has alwas been one of my favorite passages. Every time I read it, I pray that God will help me be like Moses — the Moses in chapter 33, not the Moses whose temper keeps him out of the promised land later on. God seems to be testing Moses in Exodus 33, and Moses passes the test. Here’s the test: God offers Moses His promise — the land. He also promises His protection — to wipe out the hostile armies who are occupying the land. But, in verse 3 God says: “Go up to the land flowing with milk and honey. But I will not go with you…” Of course, Moses tells God that he will not go unless God goes with him. For Moses, the presence of God was more important than the promise, the provision or the protection of God. What if God made you the same offer — His promise, provision and protection without His presence — what would you choose? I hope I would choose His presence, knowing that with His presence comes everything I really need. Sadly, many today are content with His promise without his presence.