While Kris
was upsetting the dude with eyeliner & black nail polish on
American Idol and the Magic were upsetting the Cavs, I was in an
all-day planning meeting with key opinion-shapers of Every Nation Campus Ministry (Philippines).

My meeting included:
    – 9 active campus missionaries
    – 5 retired campus missionaries (now pastors)
    – 4 senior pastors
    – 4 youth pastors
    – 2 ENCM central office staff

After some heated debates, we decided that ENCM-Phil should be…
    – church-based not para-church
    – a student movement not a youth movement
    – a campus ministry not a student ministry
    – Christ-centered not secular or social
    – national not local

I no longer do Bible studies on the campus, my passion to reach
students has only increased over the years. For me, campus ministry is
not an elective – it’s a calling, a stewardship.

Here’s a 4-point summary of our discussions/debates/decisions about what really matters in ENCM-Philippines:

1. God is honored.
Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, Bible-based, disciple-making,
church-based, socially-responsible campus ministries are established on
every major campus in the Philippines.
3. Adequately funded campus missionaries are equipped and empowered.
4. Ministry partners are valued.