JAKARTA, INDONESIA. Four days ago I was hanging out with Every Nation pastors from China, Taiwan, and Malaysia. I’m supposed to be mentoring these men, but when I am with them, I think I learn more than I teach.

During lunch, a young Chinese pastor (in photo using EN high tech security mask) talked about the “Five Togethers” that serve as guidelines for pastors in our nine Every Nation China churches. We joked that since the official Chinese government sanctioned church is called the “Three Self Church” then the Every Nation Churches should be called the “Five Together” churches.

Here are the Five Togethers that have helped our churches in China grow strong and healthy. This list is not something the pastors printed on banners, rather they are commitments that guide their daily lives. I think the Five Togethers could upgrade any leadership team anywhere in the world.

1. STAY TOGETHER. Don’t quit or separate because of offense. Forgive, repent, and work it out. No matter what, stay together.

2. GROW TOGETHER. Stay as we are is not an option. We must grow in knowledge, character, and competency. The best growth happens together not alone.

3. DREAM TOGETHER. Every time I get around these Asian leaders my faith is stretched and my vision is expanded. Left to myself, I think and dream small. As a leader, I need peers to help me dream bigger.

4. WORK TOGETHER. “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) In other words, two get more done than one. This is not rocket science. You want to accomplish more? Work together, not alone.

5. LEAD TOGETHER. The best leadership is done in concert as a team, not as a soloist. Insecure and ignorant leaders lead alone. Secure and wise leaders build leadership teams.

Are you leading alone, or are you building a strong leadership team?