Been traveling too much to blog lately. Fly to Singapore in a couple of hours, but thought I better throw something up here so both my readers would not think I died or got kidnapped. Don’t want Nancy Grace flashing my mug shot and asking the world to help find the missing missionary…

A couple of weeks ago about 50 Every Nation pastors and leaders met with Pastor Jack Hayford for two days of food, fellowship, teaching and training. On my other blog I wrote about the time with Pastor Jack and the EN pastors.

Here are some notes Pastor Jack gave us, but never actually talked about. Ran out of time, I guess. Jack’s notes are bold italics. My comments follow his points.

5 Foundational Priorities of a Spirit-Formed Church

1. A Vibrant Prayer Meeting – It does not matter what percentage of the church is present, as long as the prayer time is passionate and focused.

My comment: It also does not matter how loud or how long the prayer meeting is. Volume and length are Pharisaical measuring tools. God is more concerned that our prayers are biblical, sincere and faith-filled.

2. A Commitment to Prioritizing Worship – It’s not about the talent and giftedness of the music team, but the “heart-quest” for God.

My comment: It is also not about the music style. God does not prefer the latest Hillsongs to ancient hymns. He is not attracted to a certain music style. Heart – it’s about having a heart after God.

3. A Central Focus on the Scriptures – Both studying and responding to the Word of God that leads to transformation.

My comment: Does not matter if you are pentecostal or conversational in your delivery, as long as the Word is communicated. God anoints His word, not my style.

4. Evangelistic Action: Shining as a Beacon in the Darkness – Through a consistent presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, declaring the whole message of the whole Gospel to mankind.

My comment: For us, this means engaging our community and culture through long-term relationships, not random acts of ambush evangelism on misc strangers.

5. Community Sensitive: Serving Social Needs – Glorifying the Father includes the Church demonstrating deeds, which reveal God’s heart of compassion through corporate action.
My comment: The early apostles told Paul to “remember the poor” (Gal2:10) as he planted churches among the Gentiles. We should do the same. No matter what place or people we are called to, we must remember the poor as we do life and ministry.