I voted a few hours ago. Then I went home, exercised, ate dinner, wrote this quick blog. Later tonight I will watch the news and see who will be my president for the next four years. In the mean time, here are my election day thoughts:

1. I am thankful I was born in a country that gives me the privilege of voting.

2. For as long as I can remember, every four years we are told that THIS election is THE most important election in history, with civilization as we know it on the line. I’m not sure I believe that anymore.

3. I have little trust in either political party. Both seem to exist for their own good, not the good of the nation. As my friend Stephen Mansfield says, “it is usually a choice of hold your nose or hold your nose tighter.” I am not sure how much tighter I can hold it.

4. No matter who ends up in the White House, the King of Kings will still be on the throne, forever. And that fact gives me hope.