Just finished a staff meeting with the pastors from each of the six Bethel congregations. (Bethel is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-site church with six campuses in the Nashville area.)

We talked about the TWO THINGS we, the local church, have to do, and do right. If we master these two, we will experience healthy growth. If not, we might be busy, but we will be busy doing the wrong things.

1. Weekend worship.
If we want healthy growth, we have to intentionally get better at everything that makes a good weekend worship service. Here are the main elements we must master and constantly improve:
        – music
        – preaching
        – kid’s ministry
        – ushering
        – facilities
As the church grows and matures, these areas must improve. What is expected and acceptable for a church of 200, is not for a church of 800. As we grow, we must grow up.

2. Discipleship.
The church’s job is to help people follow Jesus and “fish for men” – to make disciples. Every church activity must contribute to the disciple-making process. If it does not help people follow Jesus and/or fish for men – it is probably not the best use of time and resources. Men’s ministry, women’s ministry, holiday programs, special events – they are valuable only if they feed people into the discipleship process. If they compete with or distract from making disciples, they might do more harm than good.

I hope that simplifies your weekly schedule. If you do Christ-centered, spirit-empowered, well-run worship services and if you focus on making disciples – then you’ll have a good week – even if you are unable to answer all your emails.

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